Career Catalyst Workshop

Explore your personal journey as a working parent, and design an action plan to develop your career.

Grounded in rigorous research--including neuroscience, evolutionary biology, primate studies, game theory, management studies, and more--this course will guide you through an experiential process.

"Working parents, especially those coming back to work after parental leave, have rarely considered how becoming a parent can help them develop skills that will enhance their careers. TendLab's research requires us to consider how we can leverage our role as parents to thrive at work."
- Cheryl Porro, CTO of Thrive Global


Week 1

What Research Tells Us
We'll discuss the 5 career-critical skills parenthood can develop

Week 2

Fault Lines
We’ll acknowledge the very real challenges of modern parenting

Week 3

Personal Inventory
We’ll assess where in our own lives we are in need of attention and care

Week 4

The Path Forward
We’ll design actionable steps to forge ourselves through the journey of working while parenting


Every person who has participated in this workshop series said they feel more empowered to succeed in their career after attending this course.
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