Building the future is hard. Don’t do it alone.


We are stronger together than we are alone. 
So we've partnered with Lions + Tigers

About Lions + Tigers 
Lions and Tigers is a consultancy driving workforce innovation and building bridges to the future of work. Organizations call on Lions + Tigers to transform how they work in two ways: by helping leaders change organizations from the inside to build a culture of inclusion, and by enabling part-time and flexible work for high-impact consultants to ensure everyone is operating in their highest and best use.

In Our Partnership
We come alongside leaders in Marketing, Product, Operations, Engineering, Sales and HR who are ready to invest in systemic changes to build an inclusive culture. We use data, research, training, culture strategy design, and change integration teams to move your mission forward, fostering a culture that drives talent acquisition, employee satisfaction and retention. We know that when you prioritize people in the process, you achieve more together. 


Other Current Projects in the Lab:

 We’ve teamed up with the Parents in Tech Alliance, and with other innovative leaders and companies, such as Project Matriarch, MiloMirza, and others, to advocate for employers tracking the caregiving status of their employees.  

Past Projects/Alumni:

 FamTech Collaborative: a collective of 160+ founders building forward-thinking solutions for all families, started by Amy Henderson, and run in partnership with TendLab.

 State of Motherhood 2021: We collaborated on and contributed to Motherly's questions about employer support. 

 We partnered with Time’s Up to create a Leader’s Guide to Creating a Culture of Care.  

Proud Partners: