Modern leaders need the skills parenthood unlocks.

TendLab is a resource.
The skills developed while parenting are the skills we all need to succeed at work. TendLab has developed an ever-growing suite of proprietary programs and collaborative content with trusted partners, covering both company and individual needs. We utilize our experience, research, and relationships to help companies create parent-friendly workplaces, and help parents unlock their personal potential at work. 

Company Programming
We are uniquely equipped to help companies of all sizes to recognize, realize, and harness the power of the parents they employ -- for the benefit of everyone. We offer a variety of workshops, coaching, and cohort programs designed to provide a deeper level of support in specific areas, such as returning to work after parental leave, developing a robust HR policy, manager training for parents (and managers of parents), and more.

Individual Programming
Our individual-level programs help you discover and become your full, best self at work. Ranging from finding work/life balance to advocating for yourself to career coaching for parents returning to work, these courses and cohorts will empower and enable you to grow in your career.



About TendLab's Work


Plum Organics

Challenge:  To open up the conversation as a brand that was in service to parents.  To make this actionable internally as well.

What we did: We did a company-wide survey, delivered our Signature Workshop (on the career-critical skills parenthood develops), held focus groups and one-on-one informational interviews. We then anonymized all of the data we gleaned into key themes which we used to develop, in partnership with company leadership, actionable steps to allow Plum to meaningfully address the challenges and the opportunities parenthood brings into the workplace (for everyone, not just parents). TendLab remained on contract with Plum Organics for another year to help guide the implementation of these changes.

"As a company that strives to always do right by parents (both consumers and employees), we work hard to hear all voices, learn about different perspectives, and improve accordingly. Our work with TendLab gave us the forum to listen to what everyone --not just parents -- had to say about parenthood at work. This not only allowed us to bond around commonalities and differences, but it also has given us a chance to make an impact in the lives of all of our employees."

- Stephany Lawrence, People and Culture Manager

Results:  Among other things, TendLab’s work with Plum Organics seeded the development of ‘Tending’ employee resource groups for all employees, beginning with one for parents.  *We facilitated the first two parenting employee resource groups, with a focus on including allies. We provided content to support the design of a manager training around parenthood at work.  And we worked with company leadership to upgrade the return-to-work process after parental leave--with a focus on both the parent and their team of colleagues.


Accenture North America Parents Network

Challenge:  To inspire employees involved in Accenture’s Parents Network with research findings of parenthood’s positive impact on career performance.

What We Did: We interviewed key leadership at Accenture, including (but not limited to) the Executive Leads of the North America Parents Network, Jaclyn Fitch and Floren Robinson. We presented our research on the career-relevant skills parenthood develops to the interested employees in the Parents network. Accenture also hosted a TendLab speaker series event, which was open to Accenture employees and Accenture clients; this event explored how motherhood can have a positive impact on career performance and featured Accenture partner (and mom!) Chetna Seghal.

"Our parenting groups at Accenture have greatly benefited from the expertise of Amy Henderson and TendLab. I am always beyond impressed by her research and how it impacts the workplace. Her perspective on how parenting accelerates the effectiveness of leaders is inspiring and insightful. Her practical recommendations have been incredibly valuable. I’d recommend Amy and her team to any company working to nourish its culture around parenting and leadership. Her work is revolutionary!"

- Floren Robinson, Managing Director

We ignited the passion of employees and parents of Accenture's Parents Network by developing a deep and informed understanding of the benefits parenthood can bring into the workplace that are a pivotal opportunity to shift and transform oneself, and excel in ones’ career goals.



What we Did: We led a 2-hour workshop to share our research and explore how women in retail are experiencing new parenthood.

Results: Our work with Lululemon supported their team in winning the case to significantly expand their paid parental leave program for all parents.